Hi Lorraine,

Forgive me for not writing sooner but it is with all sincerity that I say we are so delighted with the way you handled our Reverse Mortgage Process!

Without your thorough knowledge of this procedure and your almost day to day personal guidance I doubt that we would have completed even the application process.

Thank you again, we will be forever grateful for your service and look forward to our continued friendship.

Mariam & Frank Zelinski


Dear Lorraine,

You began the process for me, the process of breathing again. We were both working our display booths at the Ventura County buildings; mine with the County Fire Department and you represented your advisory company.

As you described the highlights of a Reverse mortgage to me, it dawned on me that this could be the answer to my problem, ie., how could I pay for my wife’s medical condition.

After that lucky meeting, I checked out your company & found out it was doing business with FHA & apparently doing so without trouble. I checked out 3 other similar agencies, all with similar track records. So- I stayed with my original choice and didn’t regret it for a single moment.

So I thank you once again and strongly recommend your company to any other seekers of a compassionate and willing helper.

Raymond A. O’Grady
Newbury Park, CA

To whom it may concern,

I have been working with Lorraine Jones for more than five years. She was instrumental in us securing a reverse mortgage for my 93 year old mother that enabled her to stay in her own house for two additional years.

I have most recently worked with Lorraine on a 30 year fixed loan on a house that I own with my daughter…the loan process was very challenging, but Lorraine was a champ and helped both us and the lender get through the bumps in the road.

Lorraine is always helpful, positive and well informed. She is a true professional. I would highly recommend her services, and look forward to using her for my next real estate adventure.

Chris Souza – General Manager Los Angeles
Fergunson Enterprises

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